Wednesday, September 28, 2011

pillows and bolster set

Children Pillow

I made pillow for children age 2-7 years old. The fillings of my handmade item is "kekabu".
The pictures below is the  sample.  The design is based on the availibility of the fabric, colour and motifs preferred as well as gender. Basically, the measurement of the pillows and the casing are as follows:

Price for 1 head pillow and 1 bolster

Item                           Size                                                            Price (RM)
Head Pillow              38 cm (length)/50 cm (width)                         20
Bolster                     80 cm (length)/55 cm (diameter)                     35

Price for pillowcase cover
Item                           Price (RM)
Head pillowcase         15         
Bolster case               

(If buy in set one pillow head + bolster+ cover get discount at RM10)

Car pillow set  for boys
 A friend of mine asked me to sew pillow set for her three old son. I picked blue fabric with car and motorcycle motifs which I think  is suitable for his age. Then I patch 2 cars for the head pillow and 4 cars for the bolster. To increase the affect, I put more detailing in yellow and red lining around the car shape.
 I hope he's happy and have sweet dream every night.

Price List: RM80. 

Hippopotamus set

The set is for both (boys and girls). I mixed green and red hippopotamus fabric. One of the pillowcase I cut and patch the white hippo to the white fabric. Maintain the red lining to give contra look.

Price List: RM110.

 Giraffe ride  a strawberry car

This was one of my early design. It took me few days just to sew this project. The giraffe parts was easy, however the white borders quite  difficult because the fabric was stretchable. However I feel happy because my friend like it. She is a fan of  red, so I tried to put that colour  in this design. This was for her 5 years old girl.                                   

Price List: RM60


Yellow Chicken

This design for the boy aged 3 years old.
Other than car, motorcycle, ball, train or truck what else for the boys. Ultraman? Ben 10? or yellow robot (transformers or widely known as bumble bee). As a fan of animals I choosed chicken. But, I got a feedback that black is not suitable for children. I should pick bright colour instead of black. Yup, I appreciate the comment.

However, it reminds me of a comedy series...CHEERS. It was aired in the late 80's. Well, I was born in the middle of 70's and now middle of 30's. For those who never heard the title. It was about Frasier and Lilith want to decorate their unborn baby room. Instead of chose pink for girl and blue for boy the couple decorated in black and white. Everything is in that colour. From painted wall, bedding as well as toys. The purpose is to stimulate the baby brain. I don't know it is true or not. I might have to do some research in the internet.
Price List: RM30

Butterfly Pillow  
This was a design for a girl aged 4 years old. The butterfly silhouette was a pattern from  Actually the plan only inclusive  3 features which  were  butterfly, red polka dot and ruffles. However due to miscalculation of the size I have to sew the stripe fabric. Luckily, my friends like it.

Price List: RM30

Pillows and Bolsters Set (Aged 1 - 2 years old)

Picture 1 - Set for Boys
These 2 set of pillows were my early project. I like to distinguish between girls and boys concept. But sometimes I sew that something that can be used by both by using green and yellow colour in the project.

Size: 1 small pillow size (23 cm width x 29 cm    length
medium size pillow (29 cm width x 40  cm length).
2 bolster size (40 cm width x 50 cm length)
Price List: RM90

Picture 2 - For Girls

*1 small pillow size (23 cm width x 29 cm length
*medium size pillow (29 cm width x 40 cm length). 
* 2 bolster size (40 cm width x 50 cm  length)
Price List: RM90