Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ruffled Quilt

This is for a newborn baby. Of course, the baby is a girl. Having difficulties to match fabric for ruffle with the white fabric that used as a cover for this project. I need the combination of fabric that can make the project look outstanding. So I chose white polka dot fabric with red round shape and sew along with the red lace. If I have red based polka dot fabric with small round white shape I think the look could be better.
This project comprises of 1 set of mattress cover, 2 bolster (in picture showed only 1), 1 pillow head cover.
Price List:RM80
Size: Mattress Cover (100 cm width x 100 cm length)
        Head Pillow Cover (50 cm width x 25 cm length)
        Bolster  Cover (25 cm width x 50 cm length)

Super size pillows

This pillow I called super size because the measurement was 92cm width and 48cm length. I did some research on wiki to know the measurement of pillows. Actually I didn't know that there is a pillow with this kind of size, but my friend told me that  this size was put on sale at Metrojaya. Using feather for filling...so it is quite expensive. Maybe I should go and check.
I sew this pillow for a friends nephew. He is quite a big size and prefers big pillows. So I decided to use this size for him and chose the fabric of pillowcase a combination of  plain  blue and colourful stripes.
Price List: Pillows - RM45 each
Pillowcase: RM20 each
Size : 92 cm width x 48 cm length

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

car and trucks pillows set

The project was for the friend's son. I combined 2 fabric motifs to get result that I wanted. I cut   trucks and car fabric and sew it in the middle. To avoid the casing look empty, I placed the motorcycle motifs in a round shape at the corner of the casing. I hoped it suits the boy.

Price List: RM110

Monday, February 20, 2012

Black Polka Dot Pillows

This project for a friend that admired simplicity. I never thought of using children fabric motifs in adult project. However, she said she wanted something that was not too loud. So, combination of black polka dot sewing with  the black and white fabric maybe the best. Although, prior than that I tried to combine red polka dot. It make the look was too contra. 

Pillows and casing are in standard sizes.
Price List: Pillow Casing RM18 each

Green Polka Dot Pillows

I  combined green polka dot fabric with green flowery fabric and the result  was  quite awesome. Actually green is not the favourite colour option. But a friend of mine chosed  that flowery fabric. It was quite a rare option, but I found it beautiful. I suggest  her to buy green plain sheet from TESCO to complete the set.The casing is in standard size.

Price List: Price Per Casing RM18

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Green and Black Ruffled Pillows

Picture 1

This project is for a friend that likes flannel fabric very much. Flanel is very soft and delicate when it touches the skin, but unfortunaterly it is kind of furry if we washed it many times. I try to combined it with other fabric to avoid the the cushion covers look unpleasant quickly.
Knowing my friend personality of feminity and fan of red colour, I try to put the element in the project.  For the pillowcase pic 1 , I’m plan to sew button. But then I think is too much. I just cut the black fabric in round shape and sew it to to the red fabric.

Picture 2

Picture of pillowcase 2, I  sew green ruffle along the edge. Then cut the green fabric in stripes to make the 8 stars. Creating pillow cushion covers was fun, because it allows us to experimental with fabric colours and design. Some more, the project is at the small scale and fast.

Price per cushion cover:RM20

Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby quilts

Safari Quilts
This project I've made for a friend newborn daughter. I combined red and green hippopotamus fabric to get bright result. The quilt suitable for both girl and boy. This set supposed come together with 2 pillows and 2 bolster. Measurement of the quilts is 85cm wide and 1.2cm length.

Price List: RM150

Car Quilt
The quilt was made for my neighbour baby boy. I try to put the design as simple as ever. But, some of my friends tell me that design look empty. I still searching and do some observation that pattern that people might like to.
This set supposed come together with 2 pillows and 2 bolster. Measurement of the quilts is 85cm wide and 1.2cm length.

Price List: RM150

Butterfly Quilt
This quilt is made for a friend's daughter. She  prefers something feminine and soft. She let me chose the motifs and colour. So,
I try my best to put feminine touch in this project. The colour fabric is a background of a teenage girl go to shopping, while the butterfly quilt I patch from the fabric I bought from children department at IKEA. The daughter is about 8 years old, therefore I make the quilt bigger from before. Measurement is about 1 metre width and 1.7 metre length. It comes together with 2 standard pillowcase.
Price List : RM150