Sunday, July 29, 2012

Interior Style

What is the style of your home? English, Bali, minimalist, retro or just  buy favourite furniture. I noticed that most of  Malaysian like English style. It is flowery, look like a garden to me but I think is quite expensive because this style have lots of decorative items. However it is all about taste.
I  prefer Scandinavian style. Maybe because I like IKEA. This style for me look clean, functional and affordable. Buy only few decorative items as home accessories.

Here ,..I put pictures on the Scandinavian style. 

Sources from:

Sources from:

Sources :

Currently I'm in the making of transfer my home to have fresh new look. It involved more D.I.Y stuff, since decorating house need a lot of budget and time I did it progressively. My concept more on the fabric based, since this is my favourite subject currently.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ruffle Cushion

Ruffle Cushion
Red  Ruffle cushion with small flower background. Made and design for loyal customer/friend.

I  want to design something special for my friend. She like something look bright, full and had  touch of english. Then for  me the  project must be fast, simple and attractive. I decided to make a red ruffle in the middle of the cushion.
 It also not simple as I think because  I  had to cut few layer of  fabric and sew it to make  ruffle. Then attached the ruffle to the fabric that I intend to make cushion cover. I have to sew the ruffle closed to each other, to avoid cushion fabric appearance. Prior than that I marked the cushion covers with few  round shape that i intended to sew. Then to fill  the hole in the middle I sew three wood colour button.

I also think to put ruffle at the edge of the cushion, but then I think it is unneccessary. The beauty of plain ruffle in the middle will dissapear. It will make my project look very busy. For me, less is more unless my customer/friends want otherwise.
Price at RM30 as per cushion cover.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Having difficulties to charge customers?  Many blog/website proposed price per item  charge depend on the manhours which is the number of  hours taken to complete the project. How if you are new and take long hours to finish the project, not to mentioned the process of ammendments. Of course you cannot charge customers based on the inefficiency. Or you will suprise the price is very high and worry nobody will buy it.
As for myself..., the rate I’m using it i’m include all the materials that I bought. Because my concept is customer place an order..choose a design or  propose new design.

The calculation is as follows:
Fabric price per metre,
For example:
If using fabric  (RM12.90  x 2.5  p/mtr) = 32.25
+  material  that being used....(thread, basting, button...etc).  List the material that purchased for project, If you buy in bulk ....Calculate only material used for the project.
+  wages for complete the project
(List the wages you are supposed to received. Such as if you made curtain, bedsheet, or sofa cover. The wages should depend on the complexity of project).

Notes: keep all your purchasing details such as invoices. Make your own record on purchasing items including small items. So, it easy to keep track on the fabric that you bought to know how many metres left for stock replacement. It also easy to calculate quantity of fabric used per project.

Notes:  Make a list of order.  So you can know how many order  that you received. Put an order date and  expected completion date. Therefore you know timing that you take to complete each order. Also put a cost that you make and expected selling price. The data can be used for future references or when you want to review your prices.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sewing machine

What is the "things" that we put in consideration when buying sewing machine. 
Currently I have 3 sewing machines.
Dragonfly ...made in China
This sewing machine I bought in 2003. Price was RM400. Nearly 10 years. However still tough and in a good condition. According to Kent (the sewing machine service man) users should service the sewing machine twice a year. So, the machine can last longer.

The reason I bought this very traditional type was  for learning purposes. It easy to handle especially when you're new and  can sew to various type of fabric. Whether thick as denim or thin as sheer curtain.

Over edge Machine
I bought this last April this year.
Price is about RM1300.
After received many orders from friends I think I should buy to save cost. 
When I asked sewing shop a pair of baju kurung calculate at RM2 per pair, while curtain is about 1 mtr per RM1. It's worth if sewing in large quantity.

Brilliant Sewing Machine
This is the most recent machine I bought. Price is about RM1300
It have 79 stiches. Purpose/objective is to do applique and decorative stiches.
It also can make buttonholes.
I'm still exploring the stiches to do various project.

Monday, July 16, 2012


As for myself, mother to two kids and 3 fur kids juggling is part of my daily life. Doing all the housework and also devoting the precious time to sew is my daily routine work.  Sometimes I wish I have 36 hours per day. Or Cullens family (Twilight) that sleeping is not necessary. However for me is all about passion and energy. I believe that some people might have different kind of experiences/methodology that being used to accomplish the goals. for me..

1. Prefer fresh start-up
    Sewing need creativity and precision. Don't push yourself if already feel sleepy and  dizzy. I'm not an owl. Sleep properly if not tomorrow will be a miserable day.

2. Delegates
    Find a friend or neighbour to delegate some of the work to them. If you worry about level of perfection of the work try to sub the most easy part to them. 

3. Find energy
    Although sewing is not involved running or something to do with the physical activity. But I find that if we are energetic and have stamina sewing can be done faster and fresh ideas will come. Find time to do jogging and swimming.

4. Time management
Plan your task weekly. Schedule what do you want per day. List what item/project that you should do in the week. Try to accomplish the task that you've plan.

5. Be kind to yourself
Sometimes pamper yourself. Give yourself a reward...a slice of cheese cake or a good massage will do for me.

6. Have time for family.
Don't neglect your children. Have time for them. Do activities like go for movies, reading books with them or cooking.

Enjoy, Happy Sewing.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Single Bed Cum Sofa

This is quite challenging project in terms of how to transform single bed sheet  look alike a sofa. The story was like friend put her single bed at the living room, because it was the favourite jumping spot for her children. Then she's got an idea on how to make at least the single bed is not look alike a bed in the middle of living room but more look alike  a sofa. She searching the suitable single bed sheet at the shop, but of course it looks like a typical bedsheet. 
When she come to me I proposed to combine this black and white stripe fabric (japanese cotton) with the britten number fabric. To make it more like a fabric for sofa I sew black lace as a binding tape and sew 3 wooden button.

Bedsheet with the little feet

Kimi and ayi with the bedsheet

kimi with the  bed  sheet...and  peace.
Price List: RM50

Friday, July 6, 2012

Number pillows

This is the pillows I made to expose house number. I used blanket stitches to sew it.
I used  2 layers of fabric that can  make the number seen  easily from far. Then put the  pillows at the porch with this 2 cosy chair. If interested, just tell me the fonts that you prefer, than colour of fabric selected.
Price per cover: RM30

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ruffle Pillow

Pillow posing at the park 

First, I make the flowery ruffle bolster. Then there is a request for a ruffle pillow head. Then a request for a sheet. The beauty is because the fabric itself...flowery fabric call Barbro.  Sell at IKEA. However I managed to grab 3 meters only, I wish I should buy more. According to sales person this fabric only sold during summer. One time and enough. Even Malaysia only have rainy and hot season and currently haze, but we still follow this summer concept.
Enough with the weather forecast. Because of the fabric looks and orders made by a friends with a feminine taste I made ruffle, not only 1 but 2 layers. I simplified the design because for me the fabric itself is very beautiful. The additional applique or lace is not necessary. The design will look very busy with those additional technique.

Stylish pillow in sewing studio
Price list: RM35. (Pillow RM20, Cover RM10)
Measurement: 50 cm width x 38 cm Length