Monday, July 16, 2012


As for myself, mother to two kids and 3 fur kids juggling is part of my daily life. Doing all the housework and also devoting the precious time to sew is my daily routine work.  Sometimes I wish I have 36 hours per day. Or Cullens family (Twilight) that sleeping is not necessary. However for me is all about passion and energy. I believe that some people might have different kind of experiences/methodology that being used to accomplish the goals. for me..

1. Prefer fresh start-up
    Sewing need creativity and precision. Don't push yourself if already feel sleepy and  dizzy. I'm not an owl. Sleep properly if not tomorrow will be a miserable day.

2. Delegates
    Find a friend or neighbour to delegate some of the work to them. If you worry about level of perfection of the work try to sub the most easy part to them. 

3. Find energy
    Although sewing is not involved running or something to do with the physical activity. But I find that if we are energetic and have stamina sewing can be done faster and fresh ideas will come. Find time to do jogging and swimming.

4. Time management
Plan your task weekly. Schedule what do you want per day. List what item/project that you should do in the week. Try to accomplish the task that you've plan.

5. Be kind to yourself
Sometimes pamper yourself. Give yourself a reward...a slice of cheese cake or a good massage will do for me.

6. Have time for family.
Don't neglect your children. Have time for them. Do activities like go for movies, reading books with them or cooking.

Enjoy, Happy Sewing.

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