Monday, July 23, 2012


Having difficulties to charge customers?  Many blog/website proposed price per item  charge depend on the manhours which is the number of  hours taken to complete the project. How if you are new and take long hours to finish the project, not to mentioned the process of ammendments. Of course you cannot charge customers based on the inefficiency. Or you will suprise the price is very high and worry nobody will buy it.
As for myself..., the rate I’m using it i’m include all the materials that I bought. Because my concept is customer place an order..choose a design or  propose new design.

The calculation is as follows:
Fabric price per metre,
For example:
If using fabric  (RM12.90  x 2.5  p/mtr) = 32.25
+  material  that being used....(thread, basting, button...etc).  List the material that purchased for project, If you buy in bulk ....Calculate only material used for the project.
+  wages for complete the project
(List the wages you are supposed to received. Such as if you made curtain, bedsheet, or sofa cover. The wages should depend on the complexity of project).

Notes: keep all your purchasing details such as invoices. Make your own record on purchasing items including small items. So, it easy to keep track on the fabric that you bought to know how many metres left for stock replacement. It also easy to calculate quantity of fabric used per project.

Notes:  Make a list of order.  So you can know how many order  that you received. Put an order date and  expected completion date. Therefore you know timing that you take to complete each order. Also put a cost that you make and expected selling price. The data can be used for future references or when you want to review your prices.

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