Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ruffle Pillow

Pillow posing at the park 

First, I make the flowery ruffle bolster. Then there is a request for a ruffle pillow head. Then a request for a sheet. The beauty is because the fabric itself...flowery fabric call Barbro.  Sell at IKEA. However I managed to grab 3 meters only, I wish I should buy more. According to sales person this fabric only sold during summer. One time and enough. Even Malaysia only have rainy and hot season and currently haze, but we still follow this summer concept.
Enough with the weather forecast. Because of the fabric looks and orders made by a friends with a feminine taste I made ruffle, not only 1 but 2 layers. I simplified the design because for me the fabric itself is very beautiful. The additional applique or lace is not necessary. The design will look very busy with those additional technique.

Stylish pillow in sewing studio
Price list: RM35. (Pillow RM20, Cover RM10)
Measurement: 50 cm width x 38 cm Length

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