Monday, March 26, 2012

strawberry bolster

A friend of mine asked me to design a bolster that suits her 10 months daughter. Her daughter likes hugging something while sleeping. She's having difficulties to find the size, whether it just too small which is suitable for the newborn or just too big. I thought that this size will suits the the baby or at least until she become toddler. So, settled with the size. For the cover, I combined plain red fabric with the fabric that have small strawberry motifs. Then I sew strawberry shape to the red plain fabric.
Size : 40 cm width x 50 cm length
Price List : RM30 (Bolster & Cover)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pink Ruffled Set Sheet

Attachment - Front View

Here is the pink ruffles set in queen size I sew for a friend. This set come together with four standard pillow covers and  bolster.
I combined plain pink cotton with the flower motifs fabric. The sheet consist of two layers ruffles. 
While for the pillow cover I put ruffles at the corner, both at right and left side. For bolster cover I put ruffles at the middle of the bolster. It looks like bolster wearing skirt to me.
Attachment - Another Closed-Up

Specification: Four standard pillow covers, bolster and fitted sheet in queen size.
Price List: RM150.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Car In a row

I sew this 6 cars in a row for my friend's son. So, now days I found that boys already have a  taste. My own son at the age of 5 not in favour of cartoon any more. He likes more mature thing such as  car. Of course he likes ultraman, but I didn't know how to patch ultraman. He also in favour of angry bird, but I'm worried about copyright issues.
So, after having this pillow for a while..the little boy request for a bolster cover.
Price List: Pillow RM15 & Cover RM15
Pillow Size: 38cm (length) x 50cm width

Friday, March 2, 2012

Colourful Quilt

The colourful quilts is for three young ladies. Hope they can share with each other. This time my friend want something colourful and bright. So...I combined three types of fabric which were plain..(in red and yellow which I patch the 5 flower petals), polka dot (variety of colour) and  2 types of stripes  fabric (blue and red stripes). At the top of polka dot and stripes fabric, I sew shape of  4 petals of flower using sewing machine. Then for the binding I selected plain red fabric to make the looks ‘milder’. 

My quilt for children always come together with 2 standard pillowcase. So for each of pillowcase I patched again  5 flower petals using the same fabric for quilts. Complete the pillowcase with the borders made from blue and red stripes fabric that used before. 

Price List: RM150
Quilt Size: 1 metre width and 1.7 metre length