Monday, August 27, 2012

Britten number cushion

This is the cushion that I made for a friend that wanted the britten number sheet. She ordered the sheet first then order the cushion cover to compliment the style. Black and white always bring elegant and exclusive  look. I matched britten number fabric  with black and white strip beside of black .

Price List: RM25 per cover.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ball pillows

A year before I made this racing car design. First I made for the children bedding. The fabric I used is Ditte from Ikea. I loved Ditte fabric range because the plain fabric can made you experiment and test your design skills.

Few friends like the design and asked me to do bedsheet. So, I make 2 bedsheet . 1 fitted sheet and 1 more with the skirting. 

Fitted sheet picture 

 Ball's  pillow set 
This is my latest design which is specially  made for boys. I used zig zag stiches   to sew  
around the  ball's appliqué shape. 
Price List : RM80
Pillow: 50 cm width x 38 cm length
Bolster : 56 cm width x 80 cm length.
Filing inside the pillow is kekabu.

   A close-up for the ball.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Custom made Label

Label  is important to put on the sewing product because it make the product look professional and give brand to the product. First I try to buy/search from the internet to order custom made label. However it need specified quantity for order level which is 1000 pieces for RM300.  So, what I'm going to do with 1000 pieces of label, my production scale is still not that big. Furthermore I might need to pay for the things that I might not used at all.  What if I may change my label or business name in the future?
Because too many question popping in my head, then I just decided to do my self. My self searching include this  method of:

1.  Use sewing machine that have alphabet stitches.
     This is the most easiest way, but machine with alphabet stitches is quite expensive. 
   Maybe it also time consuming because you have to sew it to each of product.  Moreover          limited font and image, you can only used on  what is available at the sewing   machine.

2. Using typewriter 
    This is the most classic method. I never thinking of this method anyway. 
    For further information can  refer to the (

3. Using stamps
    The stamps can be custom-made for more professional look or  you can used your own 
    skills by trying to carve the stamps. Referring to the (

4. Using inkjet printer & iron-on paper
    This is the most famous method. Myself also using this method by referring to the     ( However ..there are few constraint that I faced while I'm doing it.
The iron-on paper is quite difficult to find, because the paper is expensive and the technology is out dated. Now we can print directly on the fabric itself. However, I managed to find it at Low Yuat Plaza. 10 pieces of paper priced at  RM50. 
Then the 2nd problem is I don't have inkjet printer. Cyber cafe also don't maintain inkjet printer because inkjet printer is expensive compared to laser jet printer. After looking around, I finally found 1 computer shop namely Crescent Communication, a cyber cafe located near Giant Section 18 that  have an inkjet printer for it's customer.
After that I have to find a fabric ribbon tape. Most of the ribbon made from organza, plastic or the size is not suitable for my label. The ribbon fabric sold at CT Handicraft Section 18, near Mydin. It comes with various colour such as white, yellow, brownish and blue. I pick the white as it can fit to any others fabric colour.

Label on the iron-on paper

My label at the produk