Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ball pillows

A year before I made this racing car design. First I made for the children bedding. The fabric I used is Ditte from Ikea. I loved Ditte fabric range because the plain fabric can made you experiment and test your design skills.

Few friends like the design and asked me to do bedsheet. So, I make 2 bedsheet . 1 fitted sheet and 1 more with the skirting. 

Fitted sheet picture 

 Ball's  pillow set 
This is my latest design which is specially  made for boys. I used zig zag stiches   to sew  
around the  ball's appliqué shape. 
Price List : RM80
Pillow: 50 cm width x 38 cm length
Bolster : 56 cm width x 80 cm length.
Filing inside the pillow is kekabu.

   A close-up for the ball.


  1. Congratulations on finding out it. Absolutely brilliant! I have thought of doing this, and now that you have it broken down i am much more likely to do it!! Thank you!!

  2. Thanks for the interest. Actually making ball pillow applique the biggest challenge is to make the ball shape really look like a circle. I will share the technique if i'm doing it again.
    The stiches part is quite easy if you have sewing machine with decorative pattern.


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