Sunday, July 29, 2012

Interior Style

What is the style of your home? English, Bali, minimalist, retro or just  buy favourite furniture. I noticed that most of  Malaysian like English style. It is flowery, look like a garden to me but I think is quite expensive because this style have lots of decorative items. However it is all about taste.
I  prefer Scandinavian style. Maybe because I like IKEA. This style for me look clean, functional and affordable. Buy only few decorative items as home accessories.

Here ,..I put pictures on the Scandinavian style. 

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Currently I'm in the making of transfer my home to have fresh new look. It involved more D.I.Y stuff, since decorating house need a lot of budget and time I did it progressively. My concept more on the fabric based, since this is my favourite subject currently.

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