Friday, November 2, 2012

How to make ruffle

Process of making ruffle pillow

Step 1

To make the ruffle look neat,  double the measurement of the fabric strip based on measurement of the pillow cover). 

Example: Pillow width is 70 cm and 50 cm length, therefore double the measurement (2x70cm) + (2x50cm) = 240 cm (equals to 2.4 m)

Pix 1

Step 2

After that,  sew edge of the fabric  stripes  using over edge machine. Then fold the other side of the fabric so the ruffles will look more neat.

Pix 2
Step 3
Use your fingers to create ruffles.  Don't create pleat. Pleat is different from ruffles.

Pix 3

Step 4

I'm doing 2 layers ruffle. After finish the blue ruffles then I'm repeating the whole process to create yellow ruffles.  Sew the blue ruffles and yellow ruffle together depend on which colour you want to put it on top.

Pix 4

Step 5
Next step is attach the ruffle to the pillow cover. Sew the ruffle together with  the 2 cover together (sew the wrong side of fabric). However this time to look more neat I sew ruffle to the back of the pillow cover.

Pix 5

Step 6

Overall view of the pillow cover.

Pix 6
Sew together the right side of the fabric and put the ruffles in the middle.
Step 7 
This is the finished result. Hope the tutorials can help you to make the ruffle in your sewing task.

Pix 7

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