Friday, December 7, 2012

Why sewing

Sewing needs passion and lasting interest to make it happened. I’m a person that likes new things. Not to always buying something new (bankrupt lol!), but exploring new things in my life. Sometimes when you really put your thoughts, efforts and mind you will surprise with what you can do.  
Before sewing I’m also considering other area to do.  Wedding handicraft,   glass painting and ceramic painting.  But  not considering cooking or baking. Even though trying new recipes seems fun enough. Thai,  Baba & Nyonya   and Western  Food is kind of my favorites. The reason, washing the dishes is quite a big problem to me, same as ironing. However, I chose sewing because of my love to fabric. And I remember being nosy around when my mother doing her sewing job. Sometimes I played with the sewing tools. Last time we don’t have so many toys I guess.

Since childhood I like to draw. But it remains as a hobby because lacking of everything. Sit for the exam well and aware for the distinction that you should have to move on. However,  it was one of the factor that shape who we are today.
It is quite a big journey to me, and it is a long journey to go.  Since it is not only sewing but involves lots of other things. Financial, marketing, a bit of Information Technology, photography, concept and ideas are the material that should be blended well. Concept bring much more, especially when sewing for children. Imaginative, playful and colourful. However if sewing for the interior design   things (households items) the imagination need to be restrained and more rational , or  it  will be end up with something out of the world.
These all thing  like assemble a pieces of jigsaw puzzle to get the big picture in place. Sometimes, the mistake might arise. Sit down and carefully examine what is the mistake and how to rectify it. Because  only you, and you and only you can change it. 


  1. Yes, how true! I started my interest in baking (not cooking!) but along the way - the passion just wean off... hot-hot chicken poop gituu... but I realize that an interest in this area will save you LOTS of money (even if I cant make much money out of it!!) hahaha...!! Baju sekolah, tudung sekolah.. baju kurung... langsir.. wow!! Save me Hundreds!!

  2. kalau tahu menjahit ni yang paling jimat sekali langsir. Boleh beli fabrik yang mahal sedikit sebab tiada upah jahit. Then boleh selalu ganti-ganti, jadi takdelah boring sebab langsir sama aje.


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