Monday, October 15, 2012

britten number sheet

This is my latest design of the bedsheet. It is queen size and made from  britten number fabric which is every body favourites like flowery barbro. This simple fabric shouldn't be decorate excessively. So, I put only  black piping as decoration. This set comprise of four standard pillow cover and a bolster cover. Britten number fabric price is RM9.90 p/mtre.

Pix 1 - Atan pose during testing sheet session

I  managed to get my cat, atan to pose with the bedsheet. He is in love with the camera and not  shy.  I  chosed him as model beside of the other two cats abu and tina because his fur colour is similar with the fabric,which is black and white.

Pix 2 - Atan in suprising  mood

He looks straight toward the camera

Pix 3 - Companied by other fur friend Slyvester the cartoon

Pix 4 The complete set - Front View

Pix 5 - Complete set from left

Pix 6 - Black Piping - Edge of  Standard Pillow Cover

Pix 7 - Black Piping - Bolster Cover

Pix 8 - Packaging (Ready to go)

Put this set in this bag. It  save storage, neat and avoid missing pillow cover.

Description : Queen size, 4 standard pillow cover and  1 bolster cover
Price List: RM150 p/set

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