Sunday, October 30, 2016

My small perfume pouch

This is the last day of the day. As calculated by "them" was 16 years. I'm having all the sort of emotions in this place - sweet, bitter, sad or anything you can named it. Some where, some how the journey was ended up here. The decision should be made. It might be the worst thing happened to you or the best thing you have, depends on what you do after this.

However my sharing is about  my little gifts and thoughts for you guys. We spent 12 years together, We shares stories, jokes, problems or just telling opinion. The ugly and gloomy of Block 9 ...but it brings warmth to my heart. It just time had changed and I really need to make my move.

I made it really personal for you guys..My hand writing  there with the names that I used to call you. I really appreciated true friendship which is based on sincerity rather than who you are or what you have.

Small Gifts :

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